Other Detailing Services

Auto Details offers a wide range of additional services to meet your detailing needs. Below is a sample of our services offered.

Service Prices From
Carpet Shampoo $35 to $45
Seat Shampoo $35 to $45
Wash & Wax (Includes: Hand wash, orbital/hand waxing w/ paste wax, clean wheels, silicone tires, wipe out jambs.) $45 to $55
High Speed Paint Polishing $50-$250+
Leather Seat Cleaning $30+
Headliner Cleaning $20
Leather Dying / Repair CALL
Carpet Dying CALL
Burn Hole Repair CALL
Paint Touch Up $20+
Pinstripe $45 to $85
Rain-X $10
Overspray and Rail-dust Removal CALL
Paint and Tar Removal CALL
Headlight Restoration $45 per light

Prices are estimates and are subject to change (prices do not include sales tax).